My Oldest Child is Bring My Business Up-to-date

My wife and I own a small mom-and-pop business in a rural area. We have done things the old-fashioned way for decades. My head spins at the thought of needing to handle a website on my own, so I decided that some much-needed help was in order. My wife got our social media accounts set up, and then we used to pay for some real followers. My oldest son is the one who taught us how to do this when he looked at our account and saw that not many people were following us. This was all Greek to me, so I decided that I needed to listen to him since he is pretty young and understands these things.

Living the country life has been wonderful for my wife and me. There’s not much crime here where we live. The countryside is beautiful and peaceful. We often say that we think that the area that we live in has done a great service for our peaceful marriage and our healthy lifestyle. However, over the years many young people have moved out of the area so that they can go to bigger cities were there. This means there are older folks where we live. We have long-needed younger people to buy from us, but that hasn’t been easy when they’ve been moving away in droves for years.

Our oldest son has decided that he likes it where we live and he will be here until the day he dies one day. One day, I hope that he will run the family business after my wife and I pass on. We have now hired him to do a lot of things that we do not know how to do. I feel that he is really doing a good job, and with all the things he knows about the Internet, I think he will be able to keep our business running many decades from now with no problem.