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11 relationship dealbreakers from real couples

11 relationship dealbreakers from real couples

By Lucy

Do you have any relationship dealbreakers that you’ve let your significant other in on? Or unspoken rules about fidelity, finances or something else? We asked real couples their thoughts on what their relationship dealbreakers were and why, and here were the top 11 results:

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Knowing what your dealbreakers are is important to any couple considering marriage, as if you are both committed to the relationship, then knowing these will give you the best chance at success throughout your future together.

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1. Cheating

This one almost goes without saying, but for couples who aren’t in open relationships or polyamorous relationships, being unfaithful is a big dealbreaker. Many mentioned this when asked about relationship dealbreakers. For some, it extends all the way from emotional cheating to the physical act of cheating or sexting, and for others, it may only be feelings that are considered as cheating, but all had the same underlying message- lying to your partner, in general, is unacceptable in every circumstance (bar surprise parties or gifts) and most people won’t tolerate it.

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2. Not letting me put my child or pet first

One anon real bride to be said of her 10-year relationship, that her furbaby came first and she told her partner that before they got engaged. Another noted that her baby will always come first, from the moment she became a mum, she knew that both herself and her hubby would be secondary to her son and his needs, and if her partner didn’t understand and respect that, she would consider that a dealbreaker.

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3. Drugs

For some couples, doing drugs is akin to lying or cheating. Especially if the partner is lying about it, spending money they can’t spare on it or has developed a dependence on it. The issue most people have with drugs is the money and/or lying issues that may come along with it more so than the act itself. Once you start hiding things from your partner, it’s safe to say, you know you are doing something wrong. One real bride to be mentioned that her partner started using drugs and the act was less of an issue to her, it was more about the lying and sneaking around, and spending the money that should have been going toward their loans on his habit.

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4. Rude to Customer Service people

“It’s such a turn-off when someone is rude to waiters or customer service people,” one real bride-to-be said. “I honestly believe that it’s who they really are if they speak to people like that. If you speak nicely to me but rudely to a waiter, then sorry but you’re not good enough.” We agree on this one! Be kind to everyone- no matter what their job is. Lawyer or teacher or waiter, we’re all people and we all deserve respect.

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5. Violence in general

“For me, if I see them exhibiting violent behaviour toward anyone, whether it’s to me, an animal, a stranger or a friend, then that’s a dealbreaker” an anonymous real bride revealed. She noted that a violent nature is not part of her ideal partner and she would see it as a “sign that they’re not right for me”. Amen! We agree on this one. Violence is best kept inside a boxing ring!

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6. Not on the same page

Bride to be Elise noted that she would consider someone that continually made assumptions that she would do something for them, like drive them around, cook them dinner or clean up after them to be unsuited to her. It concerned her that this would eventuate into her looking after all of the kids, doing all of the cooking and cleaning and doing the shopping. Further, other users noted that not being “on the same page” would be considered a relationship dealbreaker for them, whether that be in terms of goals, plans for a family, or something else important to you, like health, fitness or religion.

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7. Controlling or Manipulative

So many couples mentioned experiencing previous relationships where the other party was controlling about their clothing, money, how they spend their time and who they talk to. Due to this controlling nature affecting their happiness and ultimately ending the relationships, most people stated that being manipulative or controlling was a complete dealbreaker.

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8. Ultimatums

Anyone who says “do this for me or I’m leaving you”, especially if it’s not realistic or reasonable is a big one for a lot of couples. Many will feel that this is unnecessary and be offended by being pushed into making a choice. If it’s “cheat on me and I’ll leave you”, then in that case, it’s perfectly acceptable, but making your partner choose between you and their best friend or you or their pet is not healthy.

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9. Financial goals

Ultimately, you want your goals to be the same or similar in most areas, but especially when it comes to money. If you have a partner that likes to gamble and spend frivolously, but you save like crazy and scrimp every chance you get, you may come into troubles when you are planning your futures together. Ideally, you both have similar ideas of saving and your financial goals for a property, super/retirement savings and creating the lifestyle you both envisioned.

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10. Family respect

You need your partner to respect your family and family relationships and allow them to grow and flourish, and even better if they love your family too and are truly a part of it. Read here to see signs that you’re marrying your soulmate.

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11. Xenophobia

“Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, etc is a huge dealbreaker for me”, one recently married Easy Weddings user said. “I definitely make it known early on in a relationship that I am an intersectional feminist and I expect my partner to have very similar values. I am lucky to have found someone who is similar to me in that way and respects my social activism and supports it.”

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The Ultimate Guide to Professionals

Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur in Pennsylvania

The economy of a country is oftentimes dependent on how much activity entrepreneurs are making themselves involved in when it comes to the world of business. In addition, to succeed in terms of value and wealth of a country can happen yet again with the help of enterprise and entrepreneurship development.

So, how do you become a successful entrepreneur in Pennsylvania? You can learn more about becoming a successful entrepreneur in Pennsylvania when you view here for more.

It is important that you begin knowing what is the definition of entrepreneur in this day and age before you go about learning these things to be a successful entrepreneur in Pennsylvania. According to most definitions of entrepreneurs, you will see that these people are the ones who go into business taking on new risks and initiatives in order for them to earn some profit. With every definition of entrepreneur, you always see risks. Moreover, success is a given in this venture if you are able to attain some profit earnings in the end.

There are some people who assume that entrepreneurs are gamblers for they take risks, but this is never the case. At most times, being able to rise above these challenges and still earn some money in the end is actually the ultimate goal of most entrepreneurs that you see in this day and age.

Being an entrepreneur in Pennsylvania, it is crucial that you know what you are doing such as determining if there is an opportunity worth giving a shot. Only after determining this opportunity will they next be able to figure out if its idea is viable. Usually, a good entrepreneur in Pennsylvania will not delve further with the idea if it not feasible at all. On the other hand, if it is feasible, the entrepreneur will then proceed in taking the idea further. What follows will then be doing a business plan and then launching this company or business that is new. To discover more about creating business plans, make sure to view here!

Simply put, being an entrepreneur is more than just thinking of new ideas as it is also about merging the people, resources, and skills that are needed to turn the business into a successful one.

Thus, the role of an entrepreneur begins in being able to think of new products or services that they can make business with. Two of the most common characteristics to be an entrepreneur in Pennsylvania will be innovation and creativeness. Having something that you sell that you can call your own is what is most common across successful entrepreneurs. Aside from that, you have to know how to manage your own business without the aid of other people. Also, even if you have some services or products in mind, you have to know how to produce, finance, and market them.

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The 10 Best Resources For Experts

Importance of Business Executive Coaching.

The experience, exposure and real-life challenges that constantly test your ability to raise is the best option when it comes to giving you real-life situations as it will equip one with the needed knowledge in order to facilitate a good communication in an office. The business executive coaching is similar to this as it will also require experience, exposure and real life challenges that will help someone to be in track. It is good to have different objectives in order to be able to solve problems and be able to have different remedies for different situations in a business.

In order for one to have the best business leadership skills he or she will need to polish and sharpen the skills in the same field from executive coaching. This site will discuss more about the advantages of business executive coaching. It is crucial for a business executive to have leadership skills that would be required to map a strategic priority, raise the competitive level of organization and team and boost operations efficiency and productivity in the company.

Such can be polished from learning from a reputable executive coaching professional or by joining a reliable CEO association or CEO club in such an area. This is important in offering a brief, hands-on experiences in business leadership training. Sitting down with CEO peer group members to discuss about specific problems and look for solutions for particular challenges will help a member to get solutions that are offered in such a conference by the members and one can also get a fresh perspective into how he or she can go about getting the answer. This is due to the reason that the CEO club members themselves had to push through their farm through typical challenges small and medium-sized companies face.

The most important way to learn is through proven experiences and not theories in order to be able to provide suggestions for a certain solution. This business executive coaching should be crucial in helping a business executive to get knowledge on crucial responsibility as a team leader. In order to be able to use responsibilities such as prioritizing tasks along with depth handling of people’s issues and be able to also keep a fine balance between the two it is good for a business executive to attend such a conference.

This business executive coaching will help the business executive to be a good team leader who can be able to sort the differences, align the employees into a cohesive, focused team, motivate and empower these employees to be able to meet the targets and be able to produce and be focused on the task at hand. It is very crucial for a business executive to attend the coaching in order to be able to identify his or her own strengths and weaknesses so that one can be able to balance and manage different tasks through good time management and result oriented approach.

The 5 Rules of Parks And How Learn More

Things That Needs To Be In Your Mind While Selecting The RV Parks And Camping Grounds

When you arrive at a camping site and realize that they do not offer what you were looking for, it can be straining to look for another camping ground to enjoy your holidays. The ability to choose a nice place during the holiday depends on the research that you do. The pointers below will ensure that you select the right kind of camping grounds and RV parks.

Declare with Your Needs

You have to be informed on the things that should never miss whenever you are identifying any motorhome. When you are together with your kids and you want to have an ample playground, you should ensure that the camping sites that you are going to have large grounds and other sources of electricity. When you’re going as a family, you must do your prior research to identify if they have kid friendly parks and if they allow different pets.

Identify The Affordability

When the camping site is able to meet most of your requirements, then it’s the right time to look for the finances. You should be guided by the draft of budget that you have created for your holiday and to ensure that the camping grounds are affordable. Comparing the different amenities at the different camping grounds ensures that you are informed on the best park to consider.

Check out the Place Where the RV Park Is Located

It is important that you identify what you intend to do in the camping site to ensure that you select the best location. Going for peaceful and tranquil area far from the city when you’ll be spending several days at the natural surrounding is the best. When you have decided that you’ll be visiting the leading shopping centers and other sites, you should ensure that they are in close proximity.

Check out The Multiple Images from Their Website

Visiting the website of the leading camping sites ensures that you are informed of what to expect whenever you visit the grounds. Visiting the web pages of the leading camping grounds can give you the right kind of details such as the amounts charged, the amount of space and the amenities available and you can click here to discover more.

Check out the Online Reviews

You will be informed of the type of service and amenities by checking out the different online reviews. Using the leading review sites and reading the comments will make your selection faster to ensure that you enjoy your time at the camping site. Some of the factors such as wireless internet, reliable weather conditions, and strength in signals should assist you in choosing the best places.

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6 Facts About Startup Everyone Thinks Are True

Interested in Putting Up a Business?
Do you find yourself daydreaming about the day when you will be able to hand your resignation letter to your boss? Do you feel stuck in doing the corporate grind every day? Do you feel discouraged when you try to imagine that you would have to work there for many more years? If you feel this way then you need to be aware that there are alternatives for you. If you want to be the one in control in your life then you can look into setting up your own business.
There are many people who are feel trapped and limited by their office jobs so they jump into entrepreneurship. They desire to be their own boss that is why they choose to have their own business.
The first thing that you can do is to read more about the ways that you can begin your business. You can get this from a website about putting up one. But of course it doesn’t mean that you have to rely on just one website. If you want more knowledge then you can look into the different websites that are there about business.
What you need to do is to decide on what will your business be about. One of the things that can determine this is the amount of capital that you can come up to start it. If you want to still remain financial stable what you can do is start your business even as you still do your office job. This allows you to greatly minimize the financial risk that comes with having one’s own business. When your business becomes successful and you earn much more from it from your day job then you can finally quit your day job.
In order to decide on what kind of business you will have you can look into your interests or passion. This is because it is much better if you will be interested in what your business is about. When you are interested in your business then it is much easier for you to become enthusiastic about it and work hard at it.
Then you need to prepare the capital you need for your business. If your business involves selling something then you need to find a great and reliable supplier of the products. After that you need to craft a marketing strategy to let people know about your business. Thanks to the internet it is now easy to do marketing. You can make a social media channel that will showcase your business. You can then post links of this channel to your personal social media channels.

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Envoy America bags the Dementia SMART Award

Technology has surely improved the living of all people in the world, which is evident every single time we wake up. This includes Envoy America, which this website proudly mentions, especially that it contributes to the welfare of the society. Now that Envoy America is functioning as a one ride-sharing service, they focus on bringing Dementia patients to their destination safe and sound. This company also offer extra assistance, which makes Dementia patients more comfortable. This is why the Dementia Society of America has given them the Dementia SMART Award. Learn more about the award that has been given to them by clicking this link.

More people are now enjoying the benefits that Envoy America as given to them. All of the drivers of Envoy America are highly trained to accompany Dementia patients well. The process of the certification is rigid to make sure that all drivers are equipped with more than enough knowledge. To know more about the certification process of Envoy America drivers, read more here.

Dementia patients are often seen as people who can no longer function a hundred percent in their community. Envoy America is pushing to break that way of thinking. Read more here to learn about the benefits of Envoy America to Dementia patients. You will never regret the services that they can offer.

One of the main purposes of Envoy America is to increase the independence of Dementia patients. Socialization is proven to be one way of improving their health status. Envoy America is the pioneer in making this amazing change. View here for more details as to why they have received such a noble award. The confidence and health of Dementia patients who have received help from this company have improved. Dementia Society of America surely knows who they should award when it comes to the uplifting of the health of Dementia patients. Click here to have the latest updates about Dementia Society of America.

Change starts from the heart and flows towards others, which Envoy America and Dementia Society of America have done. Both Envoy America and Dementia Society of America have strived hard to break barriers. Be part of the change by contacting them.

There is more to life than just letting it be, especially if our loved ones reach their senior years. These companies have truly pushed their limits and smashed walls for the betterment of humankind. Discover more about Envoy America by visiting their homepage. Call or email them now to have the latest updates about their services.

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Factors You Need to Consider When Hiring a Dumpster Rental Firm

It is significant to make sure that the place you stay or carry on with your daily duty is clean. It is vital to make sure that the places that are flooded by the manufacturing and production industries are clean by employing the services of dumpster rental firm that can be able to offer this service. Such places need a huge and tough dumpster to be placed on strategic where it can be accessed so that litter spreading can be minimized. So that this services of collecting the waste and ducts are done effectively you need to make sure that you incorporate the services of the best firm. It is essential for you to ensure that you select the best firm for rubbish collection so that you would be able to enjoy a clean environment.

It is essential that you look at the reputation of the dumpster rental company. The market is flooded with dumpster rental service providers and it is essential, that you hire the most reputable company. The reviews from the customers from the website will be of great help since you will be able to locate the most suitable dumpster rental company to hire. You can consider requests for recommendations. When you request your true friends to lead you to the most reputable company that you can be able to hire its services you will be able to find the best to hire.

You should make sure that you are considering the company that is experienced. When you hire the company that is well experienced in rubbish services you will be able to get better services. When you hire the company that has been in operation for quite sometimes will be in a good position to provide better services to their customers. Also, you should make sure that you re able to consider the licensed company. So that you incorporate the right team in the cleaning services you should ensure that is permitted by the government to provide the services to business.

It is essential to check the insurance policy of the company. This is vital because you need to make sure that in case of any damage to your property during the collection of the waste you get compensation. Moreover, you should consider the profession. When you hire the company that has qualified and trained staff they will be able to provide quality services to you and you will be able to keep your office clean and all the visitors that will visits it will feel comfortable. It is advisable that you consider the above tips and be assured that you will get quality dumpster rental services.

How I Became An Expert on Hotels

Note: Should I write about generally about business in las vegas?

Choosing Window Services: A Step-by-Step Guide

You must maintain your home in the right way. You need some kind of expertise when it comes to windows in order to do the job right. There are a ton of companies that can offer you help in this and age. These companies house the professionals that can do a great job replacing or fixing your windows. This is definitely the kind of window service that you need as a homeowner. When choosing these services, you need to make sure they include repairs, installations, and replacements.

What matters most is that you choose a company that is able to deliver services that meet your specific needs. You’re really spoilt for choice in this day and age and that’s what makes choosing the ideal company a bit difficult. These agencies need to improve your home in several different ways. If you’re stressed out with your windows then these companies need to be able to address your problems, while fixing them in ways that meet your needs and budget.

In order to ensure good results, you need to be aware of the necessary factors. It’s always worth it when you find a service that is right for you. The reputation of the agency is something that you should keep in mind. If its professionals are experts that’s also a good thing you can put in their favor. More than anything else, you need to examine the quality of the service offered by the business. Services have to exceed the needs of the customers at all times and not just meet them. This means you would be able to replace your windows in the best possible way.

Choosing a window service begins here, so make sure to read more of this article. You need to know what your windows need, which would entail visiting this website. Check this site out to acquire more details about this particular home venture. The first thing you need to do is engage in the venture while considering all the other options on how to proceed with it; the best option can be found here, be sure to check it out! You should definitely view here for more of the window services that are available in your local area. It’s typical for homeowners to click for more here in order to acquire more details about these window solutions. You definitely want to know more about this particular company that has gotten rave reviews over the years. You should discover more about the great things that can be done to your windows. Learn more about the many window solutions which you can avail of. The best thing you should do is find the right window service company and discover more info. We hope these information would make your path to the right service much easier. You should definitely view here for more of what window services can provide your home and business.

The 5 Commandments of Legalization And How Learn More

Merits of Marijuana Legalization.

For more than centuries, the use and sale of marijuana has been illegal. Nevertheless, the use of this substance has been adopted by a number of states as legal whether it is for recreational use or medical purposes. Anyone who is in a position of power and is opposing the legalization of this substance should understand its benefits prior to making arguments against it. The fact is that the products which are seen as harmless like alcohol and tobacco can be far more damaging compared to marijuana. Through marijuana legalization, the black market will be dismantled. Many of these black market dealers are also involved in drugs, organized crimes, and even terrorism. In places where people can go to legitimate business people to buy weed, black markets that thrive on the sale of the substance will crumble unless the owners decide to make the business legitimate.

Buying marijuana from the street means there is no quality control. With the legalization of marijuana, there are safety control and quality standards to be met before it is sold. It is not easy to find alcohol that is substandard or tobacco that is not of the required standard on the market and all this is because these products are legal and if there is hope for the same in marijuana then the stakeholders need to legalize its sale. The strain on medical resources due to cases of marijuana use gone bad will go down if there is an improved quality and also safety control. Anything that is sold in the streets cannot be trusted and instead of having to pay medical bills for people taken sick because of that the government can take the initiative to legalize it.

For any business that is legal, taxes are a must. The government is always in need of money to complete various projects and when there are legal marijuana vendors then they will help increase tax revenue. In states where marijuana is legal, the revenue raised from the sale of such is in terms of billions and this will be a great thing for the government instead of having to rely on loans and grants in running the various projects it has. Medical marijuana has gone a long way in helping patients deal with chronic conditions and pain in an affordable manner and it will be much better for everyone if these patients can get access to it fast. If the government is not using loads of cash in paying health it can direct such to roads, public safety, and schools. You will discover more here.